Digital paperless processes

Digital paperless company

Simplify and accelerate processes for clients and your potential clients - all digitally and without paper.

Although online banking has removed a lot of "paper" in banking, there are still a number of administrative tasks that cannot be performed without hard copy and traditional archiving. Progress even further with digital processes, and don't be hampered by redundancy. Increase productivity and profit, focus on clients and improve service.

A paperless solution for the whole company

You no longer have to spend dozens of hours printing, copying, rewriting, sending and archiving documents. Let clients sign documents digitally, and communicate quickly and easily between departments and branches.

  • Digitisation of contracts – conclude and update client contracts in digital form, both at and outside the branch. Enter all input data directly into online forms. Save up to 90% on printing costs.
  • Digital onboarding - make it easier for new clients to contact the bank for the first time. No need to go to a branch; you can create an account using a mobile application, and your identity can be verified by taking a selfie photo with your ID card. We transfer the image to all forms, removing up to 90% of input data errors. We are trusted by, amongst others, Zonky, Kamali and Tatra Billing.
  • Electronic underwriting - integrate data (e.g. on client solvency or liquidity) from multiple sources, assess risks and set relevant individual terms and prices.
  • Signature workflow - make it easier for you to sign your signatures for contract documentation and all processes that require regulatory compliance. The system looks after everything for you.
  • Efficient micromanagement - the comprehensive electronisation of company processes will reduce the number of administrative tasks, unify the data view, and offer advanced analytics and reporting tools.
  • Updating IDs - improve the process of retrieving data from new ID cards so you can get client data sooner and more reliably.

The digitisation of processes will significantly reduce the burden on your bank consultants and specialists, service lines and specialist departments. It will help you with the audited approval of reports, listings, and all contract documentation, as well as serving as a tool for fast data collection. In addition, it will reduce error rate and risk by providing comprehensive client data at any time or place.


Automated data transfer from scanned or photographed ID documents prevent 90% of all input errors.

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Michal Kratochvíl

Banking Division Director

Michal Kratochvíl